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Glass Sculpture

   The title of the project comes from  the bone church located in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. It is one of the most well known ossuaries in the world with its elaborate bone decorations. 


   Through Sedlec Ossuary I aim to take a closer look at the concept of death, a concept which stands right in the very center of our being .  


   'Ossuaries host the final remains of bodies and that is numerous immobile dry bones with no identities. The dramatic shift of the body, from being a vibrant subject to an alien object, is able to trigger minds evoking strong emotional responses in everyone. The absence of flesh brings all bones together like a choir with no past singing in synchronicity. Because the bones are dominant narratives -the substance itself blinds our perception at the first sight to read a further message instantly- the communication with the language of the ‘body’ through a constructed visuality is greatly narrowed down to specific subjects all related to the idea of death.' 

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