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The Head of Medus

Glass Sculpture

   The Head of Medus is the counter story of the myth 'Medusa' in Greek mythology, where the persecutor is condemned and cursed for good even if it is a god.

A Story of A Survival

Digital Collage- Wax Model- Drawing

   A Story of A Survival tells about the perpetual cycle of life where one's adversary is the ally of the other. The intricate order in nature has always stirred up the human curiosity throughout the ages. Thus, as long as we keep living, it will be our greatest interest to solve the mysteries in it. 

The Fountain of Life

Pencil Drawing

   In today's world the attempts  of creating adamantly convinced societies to grow bigger, stronger and faster in deed pacify individuals socially, physically and emotionally while feeding the greed of the ones who have power on the masses. 

   The Fountain of Life is a call of a break; a place where we can reinvigorate our energy as well as a symbol for new beginnings.

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